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The IMN reported that Nigerian security services had killed at least forty of its members during the marches.

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The military claimed that only six people were killed and that protesters were carrying petrol bombs and other dangerous weapons. It later arrested around four hundred members of the IMN.

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Trump explaining what he told the U. Group members were participating in the Arbaeen Symbolic Trek , an annual commemoration practiced by Shias to mark the fortieth day of the murder of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. The march featured prominently calls for the release of el-Zakzaky, who has been in government custody for almost three years. More recently in August , the Kaduna State High Court cleared and released eighty IMN members also arrested in during the crackdown, but dozens of others still remain in custody. In this way, some of his messages are similar to that of Boko Haram.

Dozens Reportedly Killed as Nigerian Military Fires on Shia Protesters

The IMN, through el-Zakzaky, is also undeniably linked to Iran; he visited there in and was said to be inspired by the Islamic Revolution, and he has made frequent reference to it and its leaders. This is a good initiative at the end of the holiday season, which, as every year, is the time for a financial assessment for individuals.

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