Mac os x lion ruby 1.9.3

Rubygems must be downgraded to 1.


As of August 22, or earlier, you can install mahoro in Ruby 1. The following is mostly from the manual installation process. After running this command you will be prompted to set a password for the user. Copy the example configuration files and configure database.

Installing Ruby with Homebrew and rbenv on Mac OS X Mountain Lion - ZeroSharp

Ensure you are using the latest versions of Ruby. For example, some versions of Ruby 1. Running rvm install 1. Remember to switch to the new Ruby version before continuing. Remember to run Rake tasks with bundle exec. To run the tests, for example, run bundle exec rake.

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What were you looking for? Built by mySociety. For full details visit mysociety. First, you need to install libksba first, I no longer use portage, so in this article I use Homebrew. Ruby compilation reaches the end of the process though there is a minor issue.

MacOS X 10.7

The process seems break rvm and a quick fix is to close the Terminal and re-open. And bravo, it works.

How to install Mac OS X Lion from USB flash drive

Soon Apple will switch to use clang 3. Posted in rails , web.

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At least I know that Clang could be able to compile Ruby after all. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Blog at WordPress. Each update of the operating system or RVM also usually involves an update of the installation instructions. Xcode Installation or Upgrade. Before you start installing Ruby on Rails, you must install the latest Apple Xcode tools on your system. The easiest way is via the Mac App Store search for "xcode" or via the website https: Installing Ruby 1.

Open a terminal with your normal user rights and check which Ruby version is installed: RVM can be installed in various ways. I recommend using the following monster command please copy it exactly that installs the latest RVM: RVM is now installed. You can now either close your terminal window and therefore your active shell or load the required parameters as follows:.

Установка Ruby 1.9.3 с RVM на Mac OS X 10.7.5 - компилятор C не может создавать исполняемые файлы

To test if rvm is correctly installed, let's try calling it with -v: You probably accidentally skipped a step for example, forgot to reopen the terminal. Note There are different interpreters for Ruby. Please read the output of RVM carefully and have a look at the companion website of this book http: