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General Comment This song always has a whiny, bratty quality to it when listened to.

I think that was the point though. That Stevie wants her lover and wants him now. She wants to play the role of the little girl and her lover as a sort of comforting father figure to her. I could get into corny pop Freudian psychology on this, but that would be overkill Strangely, I still like the song. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. I remember listening to it as a kid, and not really knowing the meaning It reminds me of me and my husband before we got married, we were lovers and sneaking around behind closed doors cus I was taken at the time My Interpretation He is married but his wife has left him so they fall in love.

Wife comes back - her right to change her mind, leaving the singer broken hearted and alone, wanting him back. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

We do not have any tags for No Questions Asked lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Fleetwood Mac Lyrics. And I just adored it from the first few notes. Something about the song is just pure saturated Stevieness I still think the guitar sound on the song is really nifty, too. Thoroughly '80s I think the sentiments in the lyrics are very honest and true, too.

"No Questions Asked" ~ Love & Discussion - The Ledge

Relationships are unpredictable There was potential squandered with that lineup, for sure. It is one of Stevie's more mysterious songs! Yes, I'm one of those who believes Stevie secretly loved Tom Petty in ? Stevie telegraphs that in the September interview in B. Love this song, there's a desperation to it that soothed something hurt and broken in me way back when- I turned my ear the other way for 'that's a woman's right they say'--because I felt such a connection to the song.

It was so adaptable to what I was feeling, bigtime, in the late s. Even the ending, "I need you now, no questions asked, I broke down like a little girl" seemed to be a unisex sentiment that fit what I was feeling, and I loved it and didn't find the 'little girl' to be obstructive to my enjoyment of the song, or embarrassing. To me, it sounded like honest, emotional pain as fitting for a man to feel he "broke down like a little girl" as much as for a woman to, when the love you know is it just won't work out. Now, that's a good song- when a guy can hear his life in it, through the "little girl" and all.

I think it's one of those songs that those who relate to it, really relate to it. I really like NQA.

I think what I substituted for "well that's a woman's right they say" was 'I can change my mind ten times a day'- as my alternate interior dialogue lyric when I listened to 'No Questions Asked' - blasted full volume on headphones, regularly, for a good year. Thanks to gldstwmn for the full lyrics, I corrected my incorrect memory of the lyrics above. Last edited by Nikolaj: One of my favorite songs ever.

Everything about it is so intense and beautiful. The harmonies are spot on, it is a shining moment for Billy and Rick. My favorite part is: Is it to emphasize a point, or just because it happens to sound good? Also, this song has always reminded me of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the beginning.

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I absolutely recognize this song's shortcomings, but I still love it- and not just for sentimental reasons. When I see him -- I feel him. There's an intenseness In him -- In his eyes. He wants me to be with him -- He wants me with him now. She just seems to be missing. How could that happen Anyhow? So, how can you say, Well, I don't know what love is? You have it -- And you have no time for it. You feel completely indifferent -- You feel pushed up against the wall -- Then, one day It just almost goes away! You spend lots of time alone -- Sometimes you spend years, And you miss those arms that used to go around you.

Well, it's hard to be civil And it's real hard to be nice! I don't throw the cold wind Of it at you anymore! So today, she says, Well, I've changed my mind. That's a woman's right, they say.

No Questions Asked (song)

And I can't give you up. Not now. I need you now. I'm broken hearted -- I broke down Like a little girl. Well, I need you now. Well, I'm broken-hearted. Well, I broke down like a little girl. I need you now No Questions Asked I broke down like a little girl. Like a little girl. No questions asked. It's perfect writing, that line.

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Too powerful for part of it to be in. Oooh Missionary. Not to bring down the level of love in this thread, but I can barely hum "No Questions Asked". I've been revisiting my Stevie and Fleetwood Mac records this week for the first time in a very long time and it occured to me yesterday that, despite all of the years of and having owned NQA on multiple formats I've just never gotten into it. Odd for a song that is a by Stevie Nicks and b included on two major Fleetwood Mac compilations. Time to commence brainwashing.