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I have the same problem too, and I tried reinstall the ML by the same way, but my evernote still crash like once per 3 minute. As above, start the Mac with command-R held down to get into the recovery partition. If you see this, it's time to reinstall Here's a result from Apple's forums as well: I have tried reinstall the Mountain Lion, but it happens again, is there any other method to fix it?

I did a fresh install of Mountain Lion and have been experiencing this crash of Evernote every time I launch it. I have no issues launching iPhoto or iStat Menus like others have noted. Evernote keeps crashing on me as well after upgrading to Mountain Lion. I've recently installed the update 3.

Mac OS X - Evernote (Alternative to Apple Notes app!)

The crash seems to occur when I need the spell checker. If I type in a mis-spelled word in Evernote, it hangs up then crashes. The same problem may affect Chrome, iPhoto and other apps in Mountain Lion. Try running. Same issue here as well on both my MBA and iMac. Tried nuking Evernote and reinstalling it from the store but makes no difference. I'm about to try the suggestion above;. Since the advent of lion, I dowloaded and redownloaded evernote numerous times. It always crashes. The same with the upgrade to Lion Montain. I am afraid Evernote became useless for me and I will have to discontinue my account cristianovalois ymail.

I have the same problem after I upgrade my Evernote to 5 and my Mountain Lion to Evernote just keeps crashing down. CoreImage 0x94df FETexture:: CoreImage 0x94d8b06b -[CIContext render: Evernote 5. StoreKit 1. ENPopover 1. Log4Cocoa 1. ScriptingBridge 1. ExceptionHandling 1. GeoServices 1. AppContainer 2. SecCodeWrapper 2. Librarian 1. AGRegex 0. WebKit - WebCore - CommerceCore 1. ColorSync 4. Kerberos 2. QuartzCore 1. IOSurface QTKit 7. ChunkingLibrary 2. CoreVideo 1.

CoreWiFi 1. CoreAUC 6. NavigationServices 3. JavaScriptCore - LaunchServices AOSMigrate 1. ImageCaptureCore 5. DictionaryServices 1. AppleSystemInfo 2. QuartzComposer 5. IOKit 2. NetFS 5. AE CoreMediaIO ATS - CorePDF 2. Apple 8. QuickTime 7. GSS 3.

Using Evernote in Mac OSx desktop (Mountain Lion) - Evernote for Mac - Evernote User Forum

AppKit 6. AudioToolbox 1. HIServices 1. ServiceManagement 2.

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SearchKit 1. CoreWLAN 3. Cocoa 6. Print 8. AppleFSCompression 49 - 1. OpenDirectory CFNetwork Heimdal 3. RemoteViewServices 2. DiskArbitration 2. Accelerate 1. NetAuth 4. CommonAuth 3. ScalableUserInterface 1. GenerationalStorage 1. CoreImage 8. LangAnalysis 1. VideoToolbox 1. CommonPanels 1. MediaToolbox 1. HIToolbox 2. PerformanceAnalysis 1. QuickLookUIFramework 4. CoreMediaAuthoring 2. Foundation 6. Symbolication 1.

SoundManager 4. CoreMedia 1. Framework Ubiquity 1. QuickLookFramework 4. CoreText ImageCapture 8. MediaControlSender 1.

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CrashReporterSupport Metadata CoreSymbolication 3. OSServices ISSupport 1. DiskImagesFramework CoreFoundation 6. TrustEvaluationAgent 2. CarbonCore CoreServicesInternal LDAPFramework 2. CFOpenDirectory PDFKit 2. AudioUnit 1. PrintCore 8. AppleVAFramework 5. AOSKit 1. CoreAudio 4. CoreGraphics 1.

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TCC 1. SystemConfiguration 1. DisplayServicesFW 2. CoreData DiscRecording 7.

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  6. ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Writable regions: On restart and reinstallation it still hangs. I'm also having it hang up on me on start up. And i get a crash dialog box as well after it hangs and when I try to open it again. No one has an answer to this? Sometimes it crashes on start, other times it launch, then it freezes: I contacted the support, they answered me that they know about this issue, they're worried Search In.

    Recommended Posts. Posted May 24, Just upgraded to Evernote 5. Evernote will now no longer launch: Share this post Link to post. Same over here Hi - welcome to the forums. What happens when you try to remove and reinstall?

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    Posted May 25, The new update 5. Thanks for the quick new version!

    To access your notes everywhere, get the Evernote app on all your devices.

    Posted June 2, Just tried to upgrade. It crashes for me, just like it used to. Still can't use the Mac desktop version. Moderator removed this for unnecessary cross-posting. Posted June 3, I recommend anyone still having crash issues to contact support. Posted June 19, This is still totally AFU. Evernote, WTF???