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Last week I received an evaluation unit of the recently announced Logitech C webcam.

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On receiving the webcam I learned there is more:. Having made several calls with the C; they have been my best Skype video calling experiences of all.

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Requirements include: Relevant speeds — to set the baseline for this discussion it is important to take a look at the frame rate observed and minimum upload Internet Connection speeds required, based on either vendor specifications or experience:. Previously Skype had specified 1.

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However, when I started receiving calls last fall from contacts with recent Logitech webcams C, C, C and Webcam Pro I noticed that they went to p yet I confirmed that my contacts on these calls only had 1. This was my first clue that Logitech had developed a webcam that allowed HD video on the very common broadband Internet services that cap out at 1. My service has a 2. So while I was expecting to easily get to p I was only being hopeful or lucky if a call went to p. When you initiate the C webcam either when launching a call or by turning on the webcam during a call it comes up almost instantly with a video image; no swirling icons waiting for the webcam to get started.

But the other noticeable difference was that it usually takes less than 30 seconds for the webcam to start delivering HD video at p. One other noticeable improvement was that the Logitech C is the only webcam that delivers p at 30 fps whereas the other HD webcams could only go to 22 fps. Not a terribly noticeable difference but it becomes television quality with no choppiness or pixilation.

In other words, the combination of Skype and the webcam will adapt resolution and frames-per-second to the resources of the device at the other end of the call. The mounting bracket — one other feature that was immediately obvious was the flexibility of the mounting bracket. Using a combination of hinges and rubber surfaces, it easily mounts onto the top of any flat panel display; yet it can also sit on, say, a desktop surface. Not only does it mount readily and firmly but when on the display frame it can easily be titled up and down.

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Finally the underside has a tripod thread such that it can readily be mounted on any tripod. The C is accompanied by software that is downloaded from the Logitech website.

The C also includes a microphone on each side to pick up a stereo effect and making it suitable for larger distances in, say, a small conference room. I was able to test this out in a small office environment during an HD video call and found it to work satisfactorily. Call with Mike Phillips 1 mcphillips who had a Logitech C webcam; this was captured when the C was delivering p resolution. Click on the images for a larger version:. Delivering p C ; recieving p C note the And, given that it requires Skype 5. What does the other party have?

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In every case my experience with the the C was as described here. Of course to receive HD video they must have at least a 1Mbps download speed usually not an issue with any broadband Internet service and a recent version of Skype — Skype 5. Change a face using special effects, mixing it in with a photo from a celebrity or family member. Change the background to any image you want.

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CamMask supports HD video in p and p, but also handles picture-in-picture, multiple video sources, and you can switch between different video viewports. Got multiple video cameras attached to your Mac? Preview and add video effects to each video feed. Why put CamMask on your Mac? Read more of my articles here.