Mac mini graphics card overheating

The rest of the Mac remained functional. Then it's not a temperature issue It's an Eve client issue. See that 22 pages thread on that issue: For what it's worth, I think the ventilation system on the mini is really inadequate.

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I always run mine with the bottom cover removed and the unit sitting on a metal grill that allows free airflow into the unit. Tests have shown that this significantly lowers the CPU temperature.

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Steve, you might be able to get away with leaving the bottom off your mini, but I'd be afraid to try that with my version. The circular bottom on mine very clearly has a seal on the inside which encloses the exhaust fan section, forcing the fan to draw air from the rest of the computer. Taking the bottom off would allow air to bypass the rest of the computer and go straight into the exhaust fan, only to be immediately blown out again, doing no good. Moreover, Apple's engineers might have strategically located the mini's thermal sensors with the assumption that the computer would always be run with the bottom cover in place, and with air flowing in the bottom-front of the computer and out the rear.

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If air isn't flowing through the computer in the path that the engineers planned then some sensor readings might not accurately reflect the temperature in other parts of the computer. So even if the CPU temperature is okay, other components might still overheat. In general, unless you're a thermal engineer, it's a bad idea to run any modern computer without all of it's covers firmly in place -- especially one that's packed as tightly as the mini.

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If you really want to help your mini stay cool, my advice is to set up a small USB fan to gently blow on the outside of the mini's aluminum enclosure. That enclosure seems to act as a big heat sink, and, based on my experience with G-Technology's fanless, aluminum-clad hard disks, even a small amount of air flow can make a big difference. I actually had a USB desk fan sitting around doing nothing.

It was really is a great idea to use the fan.

Now to see if it actually lowers temp My fan is from Kikkerland and is sitting on top of the mini facing straight down while being elevated with legs. Very cool and I'm watching my temps right now. Windsor Smith wrote: Oct 6, Posts: To post in ? Hardly a record. Or do you mean to never post since then?

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Seniorius Lurkius et Subscriptor. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Something something sarcasm something something judgment something something better than you. Windsor Smith wrote:. Jump to: Aug 26, Posts: Wed Apr 24, 6: Jul 3, Posts: Thu Apr 25, Aug 13, Posts: Thu Apr 25, 3: Jun 11, Posts: Thu Apr 25, 5: Feb 4, Posts: Sat Apr 27, 5: Just start using the Thunderbolt ports, do some actual work, and see what happens.

Why is my Mac overheating?

There isn't an affordable Mac I can use to work with video. I ran into major problems once I started using the Mac Mini a little bit more heavily. Mac mini, macOS High Sierra Posted on Jun 28, 9: Page content loaded. Communities Contact Support.

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