Ingredients to spice up mac and cheese

You can never go wrong with a little Mexican spice. I adore the classic combo of broccoli and cheddar, so this one is a favorite.

29 Unique Mac and Cheese Recipes

Just add in some Green Giant broccoli When looking to add flavor, I can always count on fire-roasted tomatoes. And some basil and cream just seemed like the natural thing to do next. And oh, was it good! I love this one! Goddess perfection! With summer practically here, I cannot get enough caprese in my life… caprese mac and cheese is like a whole new level of deliciousness! Need a way to get kids and adults to eat their peas?

25 Mac 'N' Cheese Recipes

Stir them into mac and cheese! Trust me, this combo is not only a good idea, it's delicious too.

29 Mac & Cheese Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet

Talk about flavor bomb! OK, this sounds hard, but it's not. Adding egg to the sauce will make it delicious, but you can't just throw a whisked egg yolk into a hot sauce or it will scramble. So you have to temper it. These great instructional images also come from Pioneer Woman's recipe.

Apple Pie Mac 'N' Cheese ($10.00)

Separate the eggs from the whites. Just use your hands, you don't need some crazy plastic bottle trick. Once it's time to add cheese, mix it up. Basically, anything!

How To Make Boxed Macaroni And Cheese Taste Good When You Are Way Too Tired To Cook

Cooked bacon and caramelized onions like Pioneer Woman's Fancy Macaroni. Braised leeks like Food and Style's version. Homemade guacamole as in Two Peas and Their Pod's recipe. Photo courtesy of food52, which has an awesome step by step for Martha Stewart's Mac 'n' Cheese. A cast-iron skillet, a casserole dish, a baking sheet — it honestly doesn't matter, as long as it can go in the oven.

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  • How To Make Better Mac 'n' Cheese.

For example, food52's baking sheet mac 'n' cheese recipe technique will give you a bigger crunchy topping to soft ratio. Pioneer Woman uses cheddar. Like this recipe from Leite's Culinary. Your options here are vast: Go nuts. Bon Appetit pumpkin mac 'n' cheese. Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese on food Make it bite-size and give it a bottom crust!

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Get the recipe from Jen and Ali. Get the recipe at yummly. Get Gluten-Free Girl's recipe. Get the recipe from CHOW.

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Margarita Mac 'N' Cheese ($9.73)

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